April. Is. Almost Over. What?

April is sort of insane for teachers. As crazy as May is with the end of school fast approaching, I’ve always found April to be that kind of end of the year grind where you always seem to be behind and it seems like it’s never going to end. However, it doesn’t feel as dark and desperate as last year. It seems more like a temporary thing to push through and then the world opens up into the next thing instead of just being a whole bunch more question marks.


So in short, April has been busy, just like I knew it would, but I’m making it. I’m only a couple of weeks away from finishing my teaching program and only another couple of weeks away from school being over. It hasn’t been a particularly adventurous time for me but everything ebbs and flows I guess.

Basically, dear blog readers, I’m telling you that I haven’t forgotten about this blog. Life has just been busy in other areas and I’ve had to prioritize that lately. Summer will soon be here and although it doesn’t look to be as footloose as last year, there will be plenty of mountains coming your way soon.


2 thoughts on “April. Is. Almost Over. What?”

  1. salt – one of the components of an acid/base reaction! Or what ends up on your shirt after summiting in the summer

    1. Edit: NaCl, the byproduct of HCl being neutralized by NaOH or the substance my dog likes to lick off my face on summits.

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