3Up Adventures is the story of my adventures often while accompanied by Sprocket, my puppy child. My philosophy on life is simple: everything in life can be an adventure from building a home, to trying a new food, meeting new people, or traveling to a new place.

I’m always up to something whether it’s hiking, working on my vintage Jeep, exploring new places, tackling a home improvement project, crafting and sewing, and much more.

Log Hill Mesa views

3Up Adventures the blog started five years ago, although I’ve been adventuring much longer. My first big adventures included my first camping trip sans-“adults” in high school, going to college on the east coast, traveling to Europe in 2007, and more.

Later, I met F in Oregon in 2008. Together, we adopted Sprocket in early 2010 and then when I graduated, we moved in to our Jeep Cherokee to travel the country. We lived in Missoula for a couple of months before moving to North Idaho in fall 2010.While we were there we renovated a little house, bought a cabin, and tried to settle in. After two years of long winters, we bought a van. In November 2012, I quit my job and we made the Sprinter our home. We traveled in the Sprinter, the Scamp, and then a Chevy van before unexpectedly finding ourselves moving to Colorado. After a lovely summer in Colorado we did some more traveling (that for me included visits to Park City, Utah and the Kingdom of Jordan with Columbia Sportswear’s #omniten). F and I parted ways in Fall 2014.

I’m a member of Columbia Sportswear’s #omniten but Sprocket and I, “Team 3Up,” are always interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities with other high quality outdoor and adventure brands. This blog contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own (or my interpretation of Sprocket’s).

To follow along with our adventures, subscribe to the blog via RSS or by email (use the widget in the sidebar). For more adventuring, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

I love hearing from people about their adventures, feel free to contact me by email at beth [at] 3upadventures.com.

For brands interested in advertising or collaborating with 3Up Adventures, our media kit is available for download.

13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there. Nice blog you have. Today is my first visit and it was by way of the cheaprvliving blog.
    Nice to see you follow your dream and be independent.
    I would appreciate you adding me to your blog posting list so I can follow your travels.
    My best to you all.
    Tim M

  2. Beth! Very cool site you have! I am thrilled to get to follow your adventures now too 🙂 Your new home state looks beautiful! Excited to share back and forth 🙂

  3. Hello, friends!

    We were thinking of you recently as we’re scheming new adventures ourselves. It looks like you’ve been doing well, and we’ve loved catching up on your posts.

    Stay safe, happy and healthy! 🙂

    1. What adventures are you up to? We just got back in Arizona for the winter, hanging out near Cottonwood right now but will be down Phoenix way eventually!

  4. Hello! We saw your ad in the classifeds of the Spokesman Review and took a peek at the cabin. Wow! What a beautiful place and your whole story is quite intriguing. Keep living your dreams.

    Robin Bayley

  5. Hey, Beth & Sprocket! Just trying to subscribe. Says it needs a comment. Looks like Beth at least had a great spring break! Assuming poor Sprocket didn’t get to go to Mexico and might have had a lonely time.

  6. Hi Beth,

    We selected our Top Southwest Adventure blogs of 2017 across the internet and 3 Up Adventures.com blogpost made the list! The criteria used for determining inclusion into the list were entertainment value, insightfulness and educational articles and resources. And of course, you excel in all these facets. I’m a peak bagger myself, just summited Kino Peak at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument last weekend. I lead hikes for the Sierra Club.

    Mitch Stevens

    1. Aw, thanks for the honor Mitch! I’d wanted to do Kino Peak when I spent a bunch of time in Ajo in 2013 but there were so many closures in the Monument then! I’ll have to get back down there soon!

  7. Hi there,

    I have a question about your Cherokee. Do you know how long your bed platform was able to be? I am 6′ 4″ and my wife and I deciding on vehicles to purchase and convert. How many inches long could the platform be with the front seats all the way forward?

    Thank you for the help!!


    1. I don’t know if off hand but I know that my ex was 6′ and I’m 5’10” and it was … squishy. My dad was 6’4″ and he always said Jeeps didn’t have enough headroom for him.

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