Home Renovation: Bedrooms

When we were in our big home remodel period, we decided that the existing carpet in the bedrooms was “fine.” Actually it was sort of a weird yellowy gray and it got a little abused in all the working and even more abused by Sprocket.

Guest Bedroom

We decided it was time to make a change. Ezra is out to visit us this week but he was kind enough to spend all day yesterday installing the laminate flooring (to match the kitchen and living rooms) in the bedrooms. He also installed the floor trim we’ve been tripping over for a year!

Master Bedroom

It looks so nice! Bright, fresh, and clean! Why didn’t we do this earlier?!

Home Depot Credit Card

When we bought our house we violated one of the many rules that you’ll find on the “buying your first home” advice pages all over the internet: don’t spend every last dime on your down payment because your house is going to need stuff. (Actually, we violated several of these like “Use a real estate agent.”)

Our house needed a lot of stuff. An estimated $8,000 worth of stuff. There were somethings we splurged on (like faucets) and others we went cheaper on (laminate flooring) and in the end I’m happy with what we chose to do. At the time, we were planning on staying in our house for a good long while and wanted to buy the nice stuff.

When we bought our house, we wanted to put down every dime we could but we were buying a a house that had huge single pane windows (one broken), no heat, exposed subfloor, and no working toilet. And it was December and about 20 degrees outside as a high.

Home Depot consumer credit card to the rescue. They gave Forrest an $8,000 credit limit, no problem even with a few credit dings. We bought most of our supplies during a promotion where any purchase over $299 was interest free for 12 months. This was laughable. Since it’s a long drive to the store, we’d make mega purchases so if we made it out of Home Depot for less than $1,000 we were shocked. We were also told that if we had purchases over the $299 threshold after the promotional period could almost ALWAYS be converted to promotional purchases simply by asking at the service desk. (Not to mention that Home Depot runs the promotion at least every two months…)

Since we had the interest free option, we were also able to tackle more projects (like my windows!) at the cabin this summer and spread it out over time. We calculated our minimum payments to get out of this thing with no interest paid as interest accrues during your promotional period at 17.99% that they will more than happily hit you with when the period ends.

Today, after a year and a half of using Home Depot for their lovely interest free help, we’re paid off. The ability to borrow $5,984.31 interest free in the period from December 2010 and today was key to our renovation!!

Note: The credit card was also awesome because we tended to buy every little thing we thought we might need (and still missed things, of course) because HD is 80 miles away…and then we just returned ’em. So we charged even more than the $6K but just made a return of the “extras” every trip.

A Fresh Blanket Of Snow

We’ve had some serious snow in Mullan on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The roads were treacherous but not too bad (aside from when I had to go all the way to Spokane yesterday for work, that was unfun). And it’s gorgeous outside with all the fresh snow. This is the type of thing I dreamed about as a kid growing up in Western Washington: the snow that just wouldn’t stop.

Sprocket, Wednesday night
Diving for treats, Wednesday night
January 20, 2012

We’re supposed to get some rain tonight (mixed with snow) and be back to the snowy ways tomorrow!

Shed Siding & Stain


We decided to use the leftover siding to cover a couple of walls of the shed. We didn’t have enough for the side facing the hill or the back but the parts that are visible from the house and the street look a lot better!

Siding complete! ... Until the cabin.

I also got started on the stain. It’s a little darker than we wanted but it looks really good:


When Ezra was here last week one of the projects he took on was building me some bookshelves. One of the things I love about old houses is the built in storage nooks. We used the area behind the guest bedroom door and instead of it being wasted space, it’s now home to my book collection!

The collection is much pared down from what it used to be but as I unpacked the books last night I remembered that I have a kick ass collection of awesome books. (The books have been packed away since we found out we were leaving Missoula almost a year ago.) And somehow, just having them and seeing them makes me happy. The shelves still need to be painted, along with all the other trim in the house, but they’re there and they’re being quite useful.

Madly House Cleaning

You know what happens when you (mostly) finish a renovation? Your house is pretty much impossible to clean. I’ve been done with sheet rock for a really long time but somehow, I still find sheetrock dust everywhere.

The renovation is also not totally completely done because there is still trim missing in miscellaneous places around your house. Summer in northern Idaho will be over soon and your cabin still doesn’t have siding so the trim is waiting until fall/winter (this probably only applies to me but oh well). Lack of trim makes everything just seem a little less clean somehow.

Copyright Allie Brosh, Hyperbole and a Half (Yes I know I've linked to this before. But it's pretty much how I feel.)

Anyway, my mom and aunt are going to be in town on Friday afternoon and I would really like my house to be looking completely fabulous (or as fabulous as it can) by the time they get here. Neither of them have seen the house in person so this is my first chance to show off our little life here in Idaho.

Rather than writing a blog post last night (sorry!), I washed down the slate, washed the living room floor twice (and there is still a cloudiness caused by residual sheetrock dust!), washed the living room windows, and did dishes. And on the docket for tonight is kitchen counters, cabinets, and floors and hopefully the bedroom and bathroom. Phew.

I’m so opening my bottle of Spanish Valley Vineyards Chardonnay tonight.