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Homeowner’s Tool Kit

Everyone needs to have some tools of their own. My grad school roommate’s father had bought her a simple tool kit from Sears plus a hammer and she became the de facto quick fix person in our house. Then I moved in with F who had All The Tools so my biggest concern was knowing where to find the right tool for the job and where to put it back.

Photo Per Erik Strandberg
Photo Per Erik Strandberg

At no point along the lines did I ever have to purchase my own tools. I don’t own a house now, although I’m looking forward to that in the not-so distant future, but I do live in one and I’m fairly self sufficient (YouTube how-to videos are the best!) and need to be able to do some things without borrowing tools.

I won’t be able to buy everything tomorrow but I do want to start budgeting to spend a little money on tools each month. So I turn to you all, dear readers, what tools do you use all the time?

The List, so far:

  1. Screwdriver (already have)
  2. Tape measure (already have)
  3. Utility knife and blades (already have)
  4. Cordless drill (I’m embarking on a pretty major drywall project so this is a requirement!)
  5. Hammer
  6. Pry-bar
  7. Dikes (Turns out that’s a portmanteau word for “diagonal cutters,” cool, huh?)


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Almost 29 and Looking Forward

The last six months has been a whirlwind of working various jobs while moving towards the ultimate goal of permanently being able to call Ridgway home. To make that happen, we took a camp host position in California but when that didn’t meet expectations, we headed for Oregon. In Oregon we spent way too much time commuting or traveling for work.

Being offered a job in Ridgway was a huge relief: I would be learning a new career and we’d be doing the work of establishing ourselves somewhere for good but it was work I looked forward to. The last two years of being semi-nomadic have been really hard on me. From the day my parents brought me home until I left for college I only lived in one house. My family had birthday and holiday traditions that meant the world to me and I looked forward to establishing some in our home—the instability of the road wasn’t conducive to that happening. I missed having friends I could go visit and get some much needed non-relationship support. Pulling into Ridgway with Forrest at the end of July, I was so hopeful.

On the very first day of my new job, my hopes were dashed. Our six year relationship was over. While occasionally tumultuous, I learned a lot about different ways of looking at the world while we were together. This is not what I’d have ever hoped for but I wish Forrest the best as he takes the next stops in his life.

Next Sunday, I turn 29. Instead of spending my last year of my twenties preparing to build a home with my husband, I’ll be relearning to live on my own. I’ll be chasing goals that had become less of an emphasis when I was part of a couple. I’ll be working on building my own life here in Ridgway. I love blogging here at 3Up Adventures and look forward to sharing my journey with you all.

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New Job, New Clothes

When you’ve spent the last few year wandering the country hiking, exploring, and living out of a vehicle having professional (or even professional-like) clothing isn’t a huge priority. It becomes even less of a priority when you work with companies like Stonewear Designs and Columbia Sportswear—I always felt cute and well dressed for what I was up to. Or I did, at least until I accepted the teaching job in Ridgway.

For the first time since I worked for the health department in Missoula (way back in summer of 2010!), I looked in my closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear for work today.” I’ve been able to adapt a handful of pieces to wearing to school by adding a cardigan or layering a cami underneath but I have a long ways to go to have a truly professional teaching wardrobe so I’m going to need to budget a bit each month to buy non-hiking/workout clothes!

If you’ve met me, or even if you’ve followed me on Twitter and the blog for awhile, you probably know that I’m a lot more apt to spend money on gas or on new gear than new clothes. And trust me, no one was more shocked than me to know that I spent $150 on new clothes today. The only question remains, how long until my students realize that most of my clothes are from Columbia?

Columbia clothes order

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English Paper Piecing Quilt, Part 2

It took me almost a year and a half to finish the first phase of my quilting project and now just a scant three months after finishing that, I’m on to the next part! I’ve almost completed sewing the hexagons into groups of seven and now they’re all laid out on the floor awaiting assembly!

Assembled hexagons

Just like when I was making the individual hexagons, I aimed for about 250 hexagons to a quart size bag; this amounted to 36 pieces made up of 7 hexagons. This meant each gallon zie bag contained 1008 hexagons.

Assembled hexagons Laying out hexagons Hexagon flowers

I think I can start to visualize a finished product!


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