Labor Day weekend is supposed to mark the end of summer. In some small, but tangible ways, this weekend felt like the end of summer and this morning like the beginning of fall.

Saturday we went to Silverwood Theme Park. We rode the roller coasters and made a half-hearted attempt to enjoy the water park. We sort of knew going in but standing in line with hordes of people isn’t really our scene. We ran errands and came back to the valley with a car full of stuff (like always) and six 10′ copper pipes hanging out the passenger window (future curtain rods), we’re special like that.

Sunday, I drove to Montana for Andee’s bachelorette party. It was wonderful to just relax and hang out with a bunch of girls. We sat on a dock at Seeley Lake, drank prosecco from the bottle, ate Bayburgers, swam a bit, and relaxed. Leaving Andee’s house I realized I had to turn on the headlights. In the summertime with our 10pm onset of darkness, I never have to drive in the dark. Fall is coming.

I met up with Jeanna and Mike to catch up a bit before leaving Missoula. It was good to see some old friends and relax over pizza.

On the drive back to Mullan, I was treated to a lightning show. There was even rain. I haven’t seen rain in a long time. At home, I crawled into bed and we watched the storm over the ridge. We talked quietly as the sky flashed, usually we never talk at night. Days apart are good for talking.

And this morning? It was grey and decidedly not summery. I’m not ready for winter, but I think I am ready for fall. This summer has not been the awesome amazing over-the-top fun-filled one I’d hoped for (but it’s been good), it’s been busy, happy, and full of life building: we’ve worked hard on the house and the cabin, got engaged, and become more integrated into the community.

Bring on fall, bring on cool mornings and nights, let the tamaracks change color, and pull out the sweaters and hats.

After I get one more summery weekend. 🙂


Ezra, Steve and Garrett have been at our house all week so my evenings have been sort of busy. That and I haven’t been feeling motivated for much of anything, other than reading blogs, not so much motivation for the writing of mine…

I’m really just looking forward to the weekend. Forrest and I are going to Silverwood on Saturday with the tickets we bought at Oktoberfest in Wallace. It will be really nice to spend a day doing something silly with him (we’re totally not the amusement park going sort).

It’s that summer’s starting to come to an end really, F got an email about leaving for North Dakota the other day (he’s leaving in three weeks and will be gone a month) and it made me realize that we still have a bunch of work to do. The new woodstove needs to be installed (I’m sure Sprocket and I will need heat before the end of October), the siding and roofing at the cabin need to be finished, it’d be nice if the cabin woodstove was done too.

If the stove at the cabin isn’t finished though, that’ll really be fine, in fact, if everything at the cabin’s not done it’ll be fine (as long as we don’t get snow that stays until sometime in November); the woodstove in the house is nonnegotiable though… I don’t think I’m going to spend much time up there (except for maybe a couple evenings). Last year when he was gone Sprocket and I did some exploring and really enjoyed ourselves–I like going places and I really don’t like going to be alone at home (except when I’m indulging in some Teen Mom and other assorted bad TV/movies).

Here’s to what I hope to be another few weeks of summer before the chill really starts to set in.

I feel old. But not grown up.

I read this yesterday and thought totally, This Is Why I’ll Never Be An Adult. And then I worked all day, went home and cleaned a little, hung some siding with Forrest, went to the fire department work party, and then yes, Forrest and worked I worked on siding until 11pm. Yes, we rigged up the halogen lamp from the quad, ran the chop saw by the porch light, and I picked out the boards in the dark.  All to get ready for an appraisal today at 10am. (The house only needs to appraise for $45,000 which it should just fine but we wanted some more siding to be done to cover the door delete and window frame ins to be sure).

This was all quite grown up. It was kind of exciting and exhilarating. And really fun to laugh when our friends drove by at ten to see the while I tried to hold a flashlight and keep the board pressed in so Forrest could check that it was level and nail it on.

But I get cranky and tired in the mornings if I don’t get my full eight hours of sleep. (And I think it might have made me pick a fight with F this morning. Shit.) I also haven’t really figured out how to deal with the crabby tiredness. (My wise fiancé told me I had to because: “The worst of times will always be tiresome times.”) This inability to deal with the simple tired seems like it blows all of my scurrying around do-ing stuff out of the water but maybe that negativity is just because I’m tired. I’m more adult than not and at 25 that’s pretty good.


Happy Happy News

Remember that adorable picture of my little family? About ten minutes after that picture was taken, F and I decided to get married.

We’d been talking about getting married for a long time (over a year long time). The last six months, our together life building has accelerated in our little Idaho town. Our vision for this life is constantly becoming more cohesive as we discuss our views for the future including money, children, priorities, adventure, and dreams. This life is the one that we want together, one formed as a combination of our overlapping (and contrasting) individual hopes and dreams.

Where elevation exceeds population (Mt. Thielson, OR. October 2009)

As F put it a at the start of our engagement conversation, “It’s about time we got married isn’t it?” But it’s really more than that, I’m so happy to be taking this big step with the person I most love spending time with. It is a lovely, warm, secure feeling that I’ve been luxuriating in almost constantly since our mutual answer to the “it’s about time” question was “Yes. Absolutely yes.”*

And to know that this life we’ve been building, that it’s the real whole deal? That I get to spend the rest of my life with my co-builder? There are no words.

Living our good life (Mt. Thielson, OR. October 2009)

*My answer was “Absolutely yes” but the conversation continued for awhile. I had to check at the end to be sure, “So we’re doing this?” “YES.”

Hello From Connecticut!

Connecticut. The name just looks kinda funny. Especially once I had to look at it a few times to make sure I spelled it right. Anyway…

I’ve had quite a relaxing time on my vacation thus far. I spent the 4th of July being silly and ridiculous with Lucy, Franz, Brendan, and Evan in Providence (there might have been some fake tattoo application…in the takeout waiting area of the Chinese restaurant). Last night I enjoyed some yummy beers, Sea Hag IPA (New England Brewing Company, Woodbridge, CT) and Blue Point Pale (Blue Point Brewing Company, Patchogue, NY), while we hung out with one of Lucy’s childhood friends.

4th of July Fireworks in Providence, RI

Life back in Idaho had been super busy leading up to this trip and I hadn’t really stopped to consider what it would actually be like. Continue reading “Hello From Connecticut!”

Putting on the Running Shoes

It’s time for me to put on my running shoes.

First, I mean this in the most literal way: after running The Canyonlands Half Marathon back in March I’ve been really lazy. I just haven’t been able to drum up much interest or excitement about running. Participating in Rainier To Ruston helped but I just keep finding other things to do.

Unacceptable. Especially if I want to get fast and kick butt at the Huckleberry 5K in about a month (Sprocket and I are in it to win it). Time to get moving. I’ve never done interval training before so this ought to be kind of interesting. Continue reading “Putting on the Running Shoes”

APW & Book Club

I am not engaged.

But I found A Practical Wedding. And it’s kinda been an awesome thing for me.

Aside from the Reclaiming Wife posts being freaking awesome for putting marriage in perspective, see, sometimes, I miss just sitting around and talking with a crew of smart women. I was lucky enough to find such a crew in high school (ohhh The Sisterhood) and there was no shortage of such women at Bates. Being able to recreate that feeling after college has been kind of difficult. It’s the type of thing that I know will come, I just have to keep working at it and, even harder, be a little patient.

Note to self: Get on with the hard work already. Note to reader: If you happen to be reading this and happen to be passing through somewhere near where I might be I’d be more than happy to pour you a glass of wine and we can look out at the mountains and gab.

Connecting with Team Practical via the comments section has been fantastic. (And checking in on blogs like Finding A Wife, We Ski Slow, StofnSarah, and more has been absolutely a delight.) Sometimes I don’t agree with exactly what is said (but if I did it would be so boring!) but the spirit is almost always right on.

And it got even more freaking awesome when I found a group of girls in Missoula with whom I could connect in person. (Yeah, it’s 100 miles away…but that’s part of the deal when you live here…) We met up for the “APW Book Club” to discuss Tara Parker Pope’s For Better.  We talked, ate food, and sipped some awesome strawberry lemonade cocktails. For hours. About everything. I drove away in the absolute best mood.