Day 39: Grand Isle, Vermont to Shoreham, Vermont

We spent a leisurely morning eating blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and talking with Lee and Jim. After breakfast, Jim, Forrest, and I took the dogs down to a beach and let them run and swim. Jim was quite impressed with Sprocket’s swimming abilities. Back at the house, Forrest and Jim took a ride in his 1930 Model A–Forrest was grinning like a little kid. We made lunch and headed for Burlington.

In Burlington we stopped to sample beer at Magic Hat Brewing Co. We went into the brewery and noticed there were several dogs at the tasting bar so I ran back out to retrieve Mr. Wiggles. He was quite happy to be included in the outing even if his people weren’t horribly impressed with the brew. Hitting the highway again, we made our way to Vergennes where we took a look at the falls before continuing to Shoreham.

It was so wonderful to finally see Katie and Colin’s little cottage. We relaxed on lawn chairs in the fields before devouring some yummy hamburgers. Katie even had some Middlebury brewed Wolaver’s Brown Ale to drink. After dinner, the four of us hung out in the house catching up with Sprocket at our feet.

Day 40: Shoreham, Vermont

Our morning began with some pretty darn good French toast in the Davis-Flagg household. Post-coffee and breakfast, Katie, F, Sprocket, and I headed for the Middlebury farmers market. It was good to see Middlebury again, I have such great memories of visiting Katie there (and am excited to have started making some with her in Shoreham!). The market was really nice and Sprocket loved seeing little kids who were happy to pet him.

Our next stop was Otter Creek Brewing Company where Forrest and I partook in some beer tasting. The brewer overheard us talking to the bartender and stepped in to pour us our tasters so he could more fully answer our questions. He also opened a couple bottles of their Imperial Series so we could taste them. Once we heard that we might find some of the Imperial Double IPA at the Co-op, we quickly hatched a plan to get some pizza stuff and beer for dinner.


Back at the house, Katie and I rambled the property a bit while Forrest helped Colin’s friend Andy with the T.F.S. (“Towable Field Shelter”). We hung out a bit more and then walked a nice gravel road loop with Sprocket. He loved all the smells everywhere and couldn’t keep himself out of any puddles of water he found. The pizza Katie whipped up (prosciutto, ricotta, and caramelized onions) and she and I enjoyed our bottle of Poet’s Leap riesling from Washington while Forrest tested a Rock Art Extreme IPA. Our evening ended much as it had the night before

Day 41: Shoreham, Vermont to Oneanta, New York

Waking up to the beautiful morning we’d been hoping for, Kate, Sprocket, F, and I headed for Addison to hike Snake Mountain. It felt wonderful to be up and moving around and we all really enjoyed the hike to the top. The view was incredible–the whole Champlain Valley was laid out in front of us with the lake and the Adirondacks beyond. After the hike, we went back to the house for some lunch. It was decided that pie at the “Halfway House” was in order. It was a great finish to our visit.

F and I thought about taking the ferry to New York and driving to the interstate along the shores of Lake George but balked at the $9 fare and decided to take the land route. Along the way we past an asphaut race track; Forrest was slightly dismayed to discover that the racing had started much earlier in the afternoon. Hitting the interstate, we cruised through Albany and made it to Oneanta for dinner. We ate at Brooks BBQ House–the food was cheap and yummy so we were quite satisfied. We drove through downtown Oneonta, which was adorable, but we were in a bit of a hurry to find a place to stay because it was getting dark so we didn’t get to stop. We bedded down for the night just up highway 205 from the little downtown.

Sprocket’s Red Rocket Adventure

I’ve migrated our blog of our ’round the US trip from spring 2010 to 3Up Adventures. Originally posted at Sprocket’s Red Rocket Adventure* I took my first real foray into blogging as a way to chronicle our adventures for friends around the country. Now, I’m just really grateful to have an awesome record of that time.


Forrest had plenty of experience seeing the country but the trip was my first cross country (’round the country?). Our puppy also was with us every day as he grew up into a dog.

I’d hoped to have all of this finished to post yesterday but it didn’t quite work out that way. With that, I give you our USA road trip of 2010.



*I was not aware of its South Park implications, okay?