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Shhh…It might be spring…

Saturday morning we headed for the cabin. The weather was absolutely beautiful. It was one of the first days that really felt like spring around here.

Because this is what spring looks like in North Idaho

I was in no hurry to get up to the cabin (other than the fact I was thirsty¬†because I left my water bottle on the seat of the jeep…) because the sunshine felt so so good. I was hiking in a tshirt and UnderArmor! It was 50 degrees!

A glance at the cabin indicates the crazy amount of melting we need to happen before we can drive to the cabin. I’m accepting bets on when we’ll be able to


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Team 3Up’s Deadman Gulch Snow Walk; January 28, 2012

Team 3Up’s Deadman Gulch snow walk; January 28, 2012

We felt the need to get out and go play but didn’t feel like making the haul all the way up to the cabin so we headed about two miles away from our house and walked up the snowy road for awhile.


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Adventures in Snowmobiling

I fully admit that I was terrified of the red beast on the trailer. Today, my grace period for getting used to the idea of riding the snowmobile ran out.

After I briefly entertained the idea of refusing to go, ever, I was persuaded to give it a shot. Then I had to eat my words because the whole thing was less than scary right from the start. I managed to make my way up to the top of the hill just fine (although every time I thought I was going fast, I’d look down and the speedometer needle hadn’t even moved Forrest just informed me that my speedometer is broken).


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Cabin: Sunday

Sunset peak, 11/6/11 10am

Sunday was another cabin day. Garrett and Becca joined us and the four of us simply enjoyed the view, the food, and the company. About six inches of fresh snow had fallen and everything was sparkly and beautiful!

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An Alternate View of To Do Lists

When we go up to the cabin we usually have a pretty good “to do” list worked up.

And we usually get most of it done. But not everything. And I never want to feel like we have to. At the house, my M.O. is “finish all the Things. Now!” At the cabin, I’m just not that way. (I am impatient for heat. But I think that’s understandable.)

Saturday morning, after sleeping in and a cozy morning with some spiced cider, we loaded up the last of the insulation, miscellaneous tools, a borrowed generator, and lots of clothes. At about 4,000 feet, we started to see skiffs of snow on the ground. By the time we passed through our gate (about 4,700′ feet), the ground was covered. The last stretch up to the cabin required 4-wheel drive.


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It’s Friday!

We’re going up to the cabin tomorrow; it’s supposed to be a 41 with a chance of rain/snow showers (sounds like fun right?). We’re hoping to finish up the roof and gather up some more firewood. Additionally, we’ll be taking up the last load of insulation; hurray for R-30 insulation! (For comparison, our very cozy house has R-13 insulation to fit in our 2×4 walls. We’re going to be so snug!)

By the end of today, all of the necessary parts for woodstove installation should have been acquired or otherwise ordered. Hopefully next week sometime we can get that done so it’ll be nice and cozy up there.

Cabin sunset over Sunset Peak, 9/7/2011

There’s also a Halloween party at the Smokeshop tomorrow night that I’m trying to convince Forrest to attend. It’d be fun to go out and have fun! (If we do go, I have to try and think of costumes I can create from things in our closet…)

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Snow Hiking with Sprocket

Saturday, SP and I headed up to the property. Our neighbors were looking for some small downed trees for firewood and there’s plenty along the driveway left behind from logging (there is no way we’ll burn it all in the next couple of years and it looks pretty awful). After I showed them where we were thinking they should start we drove up to the cabin and went for a hike. Where did we hike? “To the snow.”

Sunset Peak from the driveway; 10/15/2011


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Andrew in Idaho

My visit with my nephew, mom, and godmother was quite nice. I spent most of my time doing the things that he only gets to do with Aunty and Forrest (except for riding the CRF 230…he needs Forrest for that).

Friday evening almost immediately after they pulled in, Andrew and I went for a quad and I showed him the old Lucky Calumet mine. I really didn’t expect him to think it was very cool, it’s pretty much just a hillside with some timbers that has water flowing out of it, but he listened really intently as I described how there used to be train cars and men that would go into the tunnel and bring out rock. I showed him how the rocks around the entrance are streaked with copper green and he decided he needed to take one home with him.

Andrew at the Lucky Calumet


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The Cabinets

Friday, Sprocket and I headed over to the Cabinet Mountains, it’s a nice drive over Thompson Pass from here (only about an hour and half). I had dinner in Noxon, Montana before heading up to the trailhead.

Herford’s Restaurant

We spent the night cuddled up in the back of the Cherokee. Sprocket’s a good cuddler. Unfortunately, Saturday was really cloudy. Up at elevation we were completely socked in. Sprocket didn’t really mind and ran around like a crazy dog. I was a little nervous because there was bear scat everywhere but we hiked out to Cliff Lake and thought about hiking up St. Paul peak. (more…)

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Huckleberry Festival and Family

Last weekend was busy. My mom and aunt came out to visit and brought my grandparents. Ezra, Steve, and Garrett are here to visit for the week.

Saturday morning Ezra, Mom, Aunty, and myself all participated in Wallace’s Huckleberry 5K. My laziness in training caught up to me and I didn’t make near as strong a showing as I would have liked (although I bet I beat last years time…we had to leave before the results were announced so I won’t know until Thursday).

After the race we ate yummy huckleberry pancakes and headed for the cabin. I don’t think my family was at all prepared for me to drive them 12 miles up a winding dirt road–my grandparents are 87 and 85 and rolled with it pretty well. They were very impressed with how big the views from the cabin are!

We all just relaxed in the cabin and talked about all sorts of things. My mom observed that my dad would have appreciated this more than anyone and, oddly, this was really lovely to hear.

Cabin party

I drove my family back down to “civilization” in the late afternoon and went back up on the quad. In the evening Garrett and I made s’mores and then we turned in for the night.

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I’m spending the weekend wrapped up in my little family. My dad died yesterday morning after a tumultuous couple of years and my feelings are a little all over the board (relief, sadness, exhaustion, anger, you name it). We’re spending the weekend finishing the siding on the house (which should be done tonight) and perhaps heading up to the cabin on Saturday night to spend Sunday up there in the quiet.

Here’s to huckleberries, home, hugs, and happiness.

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Fireman’s Fun Festival-Day 2

Day 2 of Fireman’s Fun Festival is all about the kids. We set up an obstacle course and sent kids from ages 3 through 13 through it. The kids also got to do a version of make-and-break, similar to the adult version from Saturday. When the events were over the fire engines and the ambulance did laps around town for about an hour, sirens going, full of the kids. (Forrest says he drove every street in town…he’s feeling pretty good behind the wheel of the truck!)


Obstacle course


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Fireman’s Fun Festival–Day 1

Yesterday was Mullan’s Fireman’s Fun Festival. This annual tradition has been going on for well, longer than anyone seems to know. The morning began with a parade and then it was time for the firefighter games.


Forrest gets to drive the fire truck!

Forrest, his brothers, and I competed in the games. I think everyone had fun, I certainly did, although Skye probably didn’t appreciate being dropped during the bed races. (more…)

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The Importance of Blue Highways

Forrest and I (and Sprocket) have done our share of road tripping. We’ve had boring days on the road, stressful ones, action packed ones, and the elusive blissful travel days. I’m starting to come to the conclusion that the blissful travel days really aren’t all that elusive, it’s the ability to put all the necessary ingredients together that’s a bit tricky but not elusive.

I alluded to this yesterday but this weekend we stuck to Forest Service Roads, county routes, and minor state highways a lot of the time and it was awesome. It’s just a wayyy better way to actually experience a place rather than passing through it. Have a good travel partner, only a general destination, avoid interstates (and major highways), explore, don’t be afraid to talk to locals, and take a walk or hike…you’ll have an awesome trip

Anyway, we left Thursday after work heading for Pendleton, Oregon. We took the interstate and Highway 395 because, well, sometimes you just need to get out of town, fast. We arrived in Pendleton ready to have dinner and sample some beer at The Prodigal Son Brewery. Unfortunately, they were over at the Oregon Brewers Festival and were closed. Instead we went to The Great Pacific and ordered a pizza and pints of Beer Valley Brewing Co. (Ontario, OR) Leafer Madness Imperial Pale Ale and Terminal Gravity (Enterprise, OR) IPA.  We enjoyed them at an outdoor table with Sprocket curled up on our feet; what a perfect start to the weekend. (By the way, the pizza and the beers are all recommended.)

Cruisin’ in the Blues


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Backroads are best.

Forrest and I got back last night from our mini-road trip. We had sooo much fun and I’m going to be posting on it as soon as I can. Let it suffice to say that we did our best to honor the Blue Highways idea (avoid interstates and major highways to soak in places that are awesome and not generic).

(Blaze and his girlfriend are here so we’re going to be back and forth from the cabin a bunch this week but I’ll try to catch up before Firemans Fun Festival this weekend.)

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