Day 22: Tallassee, Tennessee

In the morning, F did some work on the jeep, just checking things out at the halfway point in our trip to prevent problems down the road. I took that opportunity to do some more job searching. After he’d finished with the jeep, we headed back up to the cabin. We put in the AC unit, changed out the shower head, washed the windows, and just did some maintenance that needed to be done. We also did some rearranging to make it feel a bit more spacious. Forrest also fired up the chainsaw and cut down some dead trees on the property.

After all that work, we loaded up Sprocket in the golf cart and headed over to the lake for some swimming. Sprocket walked right down the dock, got to the end, saw the water and walked right in. He panicked a bit when he realized he couldn’t haul himself out but once he realized that’s what we were there for he gladly jumped off the end to fetch sticks! I jumped in and had kind of forgotten how cold lakes can be–took my breath away for a second!

In the evening F helped Rick with some of his bikes and then we headed into town to pick up some groceries for the next couple of days we’re here and some more snack/camp food for when we hit the road Friday morning. Back at the cabin, I made some pasta on the campstove before we crashed.

Day 21: Tallassee, Tennessee

We finally drug ourselves out of bed at 8:30 and headed into Maryville so I could go to the library to use internet and a printer to get some job applications out. We also hit up Home Depot for a few odds and ends to help Rick spruce up the little cabin on the hill.

Back at the house, F helped Rick and Alex with valve adjusts on their bikes. It wasn’t long before the guys took off on a ride (Forrest says, “Zoom, zoom, zoom.” He got to ride the new GasGas 450). I stayed at the house to look for more job openings–and I baked an apple pie. By the time the guys got back, it was getting late. We relaxed on the front porch with leftovers for dinner, followed by coffee, and finally pie.

Day 20: Somewhere, Georgia to Tallassee, Tennessee

Once I roused myself from bed with Sprocket we continued down the road towards Atlanta. We really didn’t stop in Georgia but instead cruised through nowhere towns like Suches and Morganton before crossing into Tennessee. Once in Tennessee we kept crusing north.

F’s friend Rick called and asked us to pick up some Corona on the way to his house. This seemed like an easy enough task and we readily agreed. The first store we went to told us we were in a dry county. The second store said they could sell beer but not on Sunday. The third store told us they could sell beer on Sunday but they chose not to sell it at all. At our final stop, we found a place where we bought some Corona and a beer called 420 by Sweetwater Brewing out of Atlanta.

At Rick and Roxanne’s house Rick gave us the grand tour of the property and got us settled in the cabin up on the hill. After our showers we returned to the main house to have dinner with Rick and Roxanne, their neighbor Alex, and their friend Rocket. Roxanne made some fabulous Mexican food! Then after dinner we headed back up to the cabin. A pretty good thunderstorm rolled in and we sat on the porch and watched. It was beautiful!

Day 19: Brunswick, Georgia to somewhere, Georgia

After a quick breakfast stop at McDonald’s we headed up I-95 for Savannah. After the relatively short drive, we arrived in town at about 8:30. We killed some time in the Whistle Stop Cafe doing some internet stuff and letting the computer charge before we made a quick stop off at the visitors center. With our map of historical Savannah in hand, we walked through several of the squares that still exist as they were laid out by James Oglethorpe. The squares were beautiful: full of old trees and fountains. The houses around them were also really cool and old.

Sprocket was starting to get kind of hot and tired (and I was getting hungry) so we set out looking for lunch. Forrest went into a coffee shop and asked if there were any breweries in town and we set out in search of Moon River Brewing. After a short detour through the City Market we found the brewery. The hostess was so helpful in finding Sprocket something to drink water out of and he crashed under our table. We were a little disappointed that we couldn’t have a beer sampler (no glass on the street and plastic cups would have caused “too much waste”). Forrest ordered himself a Swamp Fox IPA and talked me into drinking the $1 mint julep–it about made me puke. Forrest ordered their cheeseburger with mac and cheese and I had the black and blue burger with scalloped potatoes. The food was fantastic!

After lunch we had some more time to kill before the Savannah Sand Gnats took the field so we walked down on River Street for a bit. Sprocket continued to get lots of attention but took it in stride (this might have been the city where he attracted the most oohs and ahhs). I had a couple of raw oysters and I think I can safely say that I don’t like oysters from the Gulf and Southern Atlantic…they’re just bland. We ambled back to our car and loaded up our hot panting dog with the AC blasting. We made a brief detour to Walmart to pick up a few things we needed before heading to Daffin Park.

At the park, the three of us checked out the “Hometown Heroes” displays outside the park: the bomb defusing ROV, the pink cancer awareness fire truck (complete with pink turnouts), a Coast Guard helicopter, and a county helicopter. We got to see both helicopters take off which was pretty darn cool. We grabbed our tickets from will call before heading back the car to hang out for a bit.

Inside “Historic Grayson Stadium,” we watched the Savannah Sand Gnats battle the Lexington Legends. It was a really great game to watch. We had front row seats on the third base side which were a little marred by the fact that the whole field is netted in (I hate watching from behind the net!). After the game (the Gnats were victorious, 3-1), we hustled out to the car to watch the post-game fireworks with Sprocket. He was a little freaked out but decided that watching wasn’t so bad (I’m not kidding…he hung on my arms and watched the fireworks).

We thought we’d go to Augusta to hang out with Jason on Monday night but when we found out that he wouldn’t be getting in until eight or later we decided that maybe we should just press on into the Appalachians. In any case, we headed into South Carolina to spend the night. We had devised some screens for the windows that worked well for mosquitos but didn’t do much to stop the no-seeu-ms. At 3:30, Forrest woke up and said he was getting up. We were literally off the side of the road in the middle of nowhere so I wasn’t sure what he was going to do. A few minutes later I was awoken by a wiggly black puppy giving me kisses and the sounds of Forrest moving things around and telling me to go back to sleep. I woke up at about 6:30 about 40 miles outside of Macon, Georgia. So much for South Carolina!

Day 18: Everglades National Park to Brunswick, Georgia

We hopped out of bed in semi-darkness pretty happy to be done with the awful night. We drove the thirty-some miles down the park road to the Flamingo Visitors Center. We drove through lots of grassland and arrived to find that there wasn’t much left of the visitors center. Hurricane Wilma in 2005 had done some serious damage and wiped out the lodge that had been there and the rangers offices and visitors center are due for some serious reconstruction. After Forrest got some coffee at the mariana and we tried to keep Sprocket from chasing the crows and vultures we headed for the Christian Point hiking trail.

Coating ourselves in bug spray we bid Sprocket adieu at the car for a nice hike through the swamp. 25% DEET wasn’t enough to protect us from the mosquitos and horse flies and we gave up the hike after about a mile, although we did see some pretty bromeliads (or “airplants”). Back at the car we decided we’d seen enough of the Everglades and it was time to get out of Florida.

So we drove. And drove. All the way up Florida on I-95. We did take a short break in St. Augustine, Florida. St. Augustine is America’s oldest city, it was founded in 1565! We checked out the old fort (just missed the final tour) and walked around the old buildings. It was cute but very touristy. We finished out the day at a Sonny’s Barbeque near Brunswick, Georgia and stuffed ourselves before heading to bed.

Day 17: Key Largo, Florida to Everglades National Park, Florida

Pulling out of our hospital campspot, we headed down the Keys trying to make it to Key West before the major tourist rush began. The drive was pretty but not quite what I’d expected. Precious waterfront real estate wasn’t about to be wasted on the road except where the islands were so narrow it was absolutely necessary.

In Key West, we put Black Dog on the leash and walked around a bit. We walked around the downtown tourist core, along the water (no beach) looking at the giant cruise ship docked there, and checked out the piers (“Sail at 2, $26 each and puppy can come!”). We chose not to partake in any of the sails to keep our money available for less touristy activities. All in all, I wouldn’t go back but Forrest went back so I could see it!

On our way out, we stopped at Ann’s Beach where we went swimming with Sprocket. He’s getting to be quite a swimmer but I think he feels like the “Responsible Puppy” (his version of responsible person). He gets quite upset if we make wining noises to tease him and swims over to us as fast as he can (which is pretty fast!). He also doesn’t like it when he can’t see both of us at the same time. He’s like a water sheepdog! After our swim, we rinsed off our salty puppy and ourselves and headed out of the Keys.

Driving through Homestead, FL on Day 15 we’d seen lots of restaurants that looked fantastic: El Salvadorian food, Peruvian food, Mexican food, etc. so we drove back that way for dinner. The place we chose to eat at advertised Nicaraguan food but I’m pretty sure what we had was fantastic Mexican food. I had a shrimp dish cooked with onion, garlic, and red pepper…it was amazing! Forrest had chicken quesadillas that he raved about.

We had been hoping to reach the Everglades on May 1st so that the new parks pass we’d have to buy would be good through Memorial Day of 2011, but we were running out of things to do in Florida so we headed for the park anyway to see if we could buy our pass as a May pass or possibly hope the booth wouldn’t be manned at 7PM. F repeatedly told me that it was my responsibility to “sweet talk” the ranger at the booth for a May pass which I fully accepted. Pulling up to the entrance, I politely told the ranger that our pass had expired and we needed to buy a new one but asked nicely if he could punch it for May. He smiled and faux whispered, “I think I can do that.” Forrest was so excited to explain our trip to the ranger that he immediately launched into the story of how we’d driven 4,500 miles to be there before he realized the ranger had already agreed. He says that he didn’t say that and was commenting on how easy it is for girls to get what they want. I laughed.

In the park, we headed for King Palm to do a short hike before it got dark. We hiked the Anhinga Trail. We saw lots of birds, turtles, swamp rats (aka alligators), and heard lots of frogs. I decided it was the noisiest national park I’d ever been to. As we walked out on one of the viewing platforms we spotted a gator swimming from across the pond, in the gator-y silent way it glided under the platform on which we were standing and just hung out there. After our hike, we headed to Lone Pine Key campground, set up camp, and tried to take Sprocket on a walk but were turned back by the mosquitoes.

Excited for a night uninterrupted by traffic sounds or light, we crawled into bed early. Quickly we realized that the mosquitoes were smart enough to fly around our cracked windows and attacked us. We grudgingly rolled up the windows and suffered through the most stifling night ever. Sprocket was rather unhappy and was being attacked by bugs. F and I would wake up and hunt the remaining mosquitoes and toss around hot and unhappy. Finally it was over…phew.

Day 16: Indian Rocks, Florida to Key Largo, Florida

We woke up at the rather leisurely hour of 7:30 and packed up our stuff. Forrest did take the opportunity to watch the morning news before we left the condo for the Lighthouse to get some doughnuts for breakfast. After winding our way though St. Pete to I-275, we cruised to Naples. We picked up some lunch and headed out US 41 to Big Cypress National Preserve. We tried to go on a hike in Collier-Seminole State Park but were driven back by the bugs. We applied bug spray before trying again on the boardwalk at Cypress Bend in Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park.

Passing into Big Cypress National Preserve we were on the lookout for “The Loop Road” for some exploring. It was so awesome! We saw lots of alligators and lizards. The road was considered “impassable” but the woman at the visitors center told us we should be fine as long as we had 4-wheel drive…our front drive shaft is enabling better gas mileage by waiting in Moab. 🙂

Gator Bait

After the adventure of the loop road, in which “Gator Bait” had to stay in the car the whole time, we drove to Homestead, FL where we got some Cuban/Latin food at Marco’s. The food was really good: we had churrasco (thin charbroiled steak) with a really unique sauce and fried yucca (roots that were like unique french fries) and they even had outdoor seating so Sprocket could join us!  Following our delicious dinner we headed for the Keys and are spending the night in Key Largo before heading further southwest tomorrow!

Day 15: Tampa, Florida to Indian Rocks, Florida

We got up bright and early and went to Carol’s house in St. Pete and cleaned her gutters and fixed a leak in her roof. She had a fenced backyard so Sprocket got to hang out, although he mostly slept on the shady side porch. After the morning’s work, we got lunch at the Portabella Grill and then headed for the beach.

Carol had to rush back to Tampa but her grandson, Anthony, happened to be hanging out at the beach condo. Forrest and I made a quick run to the store and bought Sprocket a soup bone. Back at the condo, Sprocket chewed his bone while F and I read the New York Times. It didn’t take F too long to suggest that we go swim in the gulf some. I’ve never turned down swimming in salt water and wasn’t about to start then! We had a blast splashing around in the most perfect temperature salt water. While we were out there, we spotted Anthony in the waves. Anthony deemed the water still a little cold (!) so we all headed up to the pool. Sprocket got to come down and join us. He hid out in the shade and made friends with the man hanging out in the shade.

After we both decided we’d had plenty of sun, we returned to the condo where Sprocket chewed on his bone some more and we did some TV watching. I got bored after awhile and took Sprocket on a walk. We had chicken for dinner and then headed for bed–listening to the sounds of the waves!

Thanks so much to Frank and Carol (and their family) for making our stay in the Tampa area so enjoyable!

Day 14: Lloyd, Florida to Tampa, Florida

We hit the road bound for Tampa with no real plan about what we were going to do between Lloyd and Tampa. As Tampa approached, we realized we’d need to find something to do with ourselves until Carol and Frank got home from work. Not really knowing where to begin, we called Roxanne and Brandon for some advice. They directed us to Cigar City Brewing (very nice directions by the way!). As we pulled into the nondescript parking lot to our dismay we found that they were closed on Mondays.

Fortunately, Tim was kind enough to open up the tasting room for us. We sampled their Humidor Series Grut, Madura Brown, and Jai Alai IPA.  The Grut is an old European style of beer brewed without hops and, like most of Cigar City’s Humidor beers, it was aged over cedar. We both found it quite yummy. The Madura and Jai Alai were both good too. He also poured us tastes of Swamphead Brewery’s Wildnight Honey Cream Ale and Cottonmouth Belgian Whit.

After our tasting, we headed to downtown Tampa and walked along the riverwalk. We also checked out Plant Park right next to the University of Southern Florida campus. After our walk around, it was time to head to Frank and Carol’s. After relaxing next to the pool for a bit while Sprocket played with their dog Uta we went to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner. Carol has been reading our blog and though we’d really enjoy the beer list there. She was certainly right! We ordered a sampler paddle and had Oskar Blue‘s Gordon IPA (Longmont, CO), Left Hand’s Milk Stout on nitro (also Longmont, CO), Dogfish Head‘s 90 Minute IPA (brewed in Milton, DE), Flying Dog‘s Doggy Style Pale (Aspen, CO), and Stone’s Ruination Double IPA (San Diego, CA). Our pizza, the house special, was also fantastic!

Back at the house, Forrest and I both got showers and Sprocket spazzed out a bit before we all headed for bed where Forrest and I caught up on our History Channel watching a bit before we crashed.

Day 13: New Orleans, Louisiana to Lloyd, Florida

We got up and hit the road this morning trying to be sure and miss Jazz Fest traffic. We cruised right on out of Louisiana and into Mississippi. We didn’t find much to do along I-10…we tried to check out the Mississippi Sandhill Crane wildlife refuge…but it’s closed on Sunday. In Alabama we didn’t find much to do either–we got gas and continued on to Florida.

Then we hit Florida. We checked out Blackwater River State Park–that doesn’t let dogs on the beach. Fortunately, we’d seen some other people cut off on a road prior to the park that wound through the pines and popped out on the river just east of the park. Sprocket did some more swimming and Forrest and I enjoyed the sunshine. Some Floridians had lots of suggestions of places to party and they were quite nice to Mr. Wiggles.

Pushing east on I-10, we picked up lunch at Whattaburger in Clearview and set out for Chattahoochee. After a walk around the city park we decided to push through Tallahassee before stopping for the night.