Waves and Wine

Mom and Aunt Laura made it down to the Valley this weekend for a bit of relaxation. We met up in the morning and headed out to Newport. We had lunch at Bay 839. The tapas were great and it was really fun to hang out and just talk.

After lunch we headed north towards Lincoln City. We took a quick break in Lincoln City to walk on the beach and had wine not been calling my name I would probably have ended up in the water. We headed back inland towards Dallas and started making the rounds of the wineries.

Our first stop was Chateau Bianca. I was rather unimpressed by this stop. The wines were pretty good but the guy who poured the wines was such a boor. The next stop at Firesteed Winery was much more pleasing. I loved ALL of their wines especially the $60 pinot noir…

We made a couple of other stops: Orchard Heights Winery…which just ended up being kind of shabby. We also checked out Cubanisimo Vineyards which was pretty cute and the wines were okay but nothing super special. The afternoon had gone so fast we were all pretty surprised to find that it was getting close to five and most of the wineries would be closing soon. We did manage to get to Bryn Mawr Vineyards before they closed and it was my favorite stop of the day. They only use estate grown grapes…and they only have four acres! The wine was fabulous and I was enchanted by the small garage sized operation.

The day wound up with dinner at Big River in Corvallis with Forrest. My food was really awesome (chantrelle risotto) but Forrest’s pizza wasn’t too great. We did discover the Double Mountain IRA though so the dinner was definitely worth it.

Originally posted on the blog: Evergreen Rambles.

Day 8-McCloud, Millitary Pass, and home

We’d decided to head into McCloud for breakfast. My great-uncle, Burt Lakin, is a minor historical celebrity there, he’d been the mill supervisor and died fighting a fire there. We had breakfast at the VFW where they were minorly impressed that I was related to Burt and tried to describe where the memorial was. We weren’t able to find it but had some fun poking around the railyard before getting back on the bike.

Trying to get to Military Pass Road was a bit eventful as we managed to find ourselves pretty deep in silt…we did see some cool old rail stuff though: a wooden snowplow attachment for an engine, some old Pullman cars, and some sweet graffiti of Sasquatch. Military Pass was pretty and definitely a better choice than a stretch of I-5 I’d already traveled.

The drive on the freeway home was really monotonous. We stopped at a Walmart in Yreka to get some Bendryl for my hand that was still swollen from the yellow jacket sting. This turned out to be kind of a bad choice as I was a little drowsy on the back of the bike on the freeway…yikes! We stopped for lunch in Canyonville and then headed for home.

Day 8: ~370 miles(!)

Originally posted on the blog: Evergreen Rambles.