House Building: Plan Approval

Last Tuesday, the planning and zoning commission in Ridgway decided that my plans for the house were okay with them even though they differ from the home design standard a little bit. It was nerve-wracking although clearly it turned out okay. I treated myself to takeout Thai in order to celebrate.

That means that I spent the rest of the week giving the draftsperson the go-ahead to finish up with the plans, lining up an engineer, and starting the loan application process. I spend almost 30% of my nights in a shed and the other 70% in a rental house, I would really like to get this process going, you know?

This all feels so surreal. It also feels strange to talk about publicly because so much at this point leans on my finance and in America we don’t talk about finances because people feel bad about money and it’s “impolite.”  (I’d argue that dollars are just facts/numbers not value judgements but alas…)  So, here goes, if this whole house plan grinds to a halt at this stage, it’s because it’s tied up with my financial situation.

In the meantime, here’s the elevations and floor plans. Architect is … me.

Today is the Day: Snow Free Yard

This morning before I headed to work I ran outside and snapped a couple pictures of the house. It’s raining and today will likely be the last day we have icebergs in our yard.

There’s plenty of large ice piles around town that will probably be there until June (mainly from plowing the streets) but now that today likely means the yard is snowfree really marks the beginning of snow melt watch.

Now for THAT snow to melt
F cheated and knocked it apart a little yesterday

And if you tell me it’s likely to snow once more this year I will shove my fingers in my ears and do my best impression of a five year old. “I CAN’T HEAR YOU.”


October 7, 2010-October 6, 2011

Today marks a year of living in the Silver Valley. I cannot believe how much has changed in our lives.

Moving: A year ago today, I’d just finished up moving all of our stuff (Forrest’s tools and bikes included!) from Missoula to a storage unit here. I’d arranged to live in the basement of a real estate agency for three weeks while we waited to move into our rental house (we were picky and wanted a place we could heat with wood). I was waiting for Forrest to come back from North Dakota.

Sprocket is a lazy packing helper

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Shed Siding & Stain


We decided to use the leftover siding to cover a couple of walls of the shed. We didn’t have enough for the side facing the hill or the back but the parts that are visible from the house and the street look a lot better!

Siding complete! ... Until the cabin.

I also got started on the stain. It’s a little darker than we wanted but it looks really good:


When Ezra was here last week one of the projects he took on was building me some bookshelves. One of the things I love about old houses is the built in storage nooks. We used the area behind the guest bedroom door and instead of it being wasted space, it’s now home to my book collection!

The collection is much pared down from what it used to be but as I unpacked the books last night I remembered that I have a kick ass collection of awesome books. (The books have been packed away since we found out we were leaving Missoula almost a year ago.) And somehow, just having them and seeing them makes me happy. The shelves still need to be painted, along with all the other trim in the house, but they’re there and they’re being quite useful.

Home Buying: Part V

This is the last of my home-buying posts. There’s not much left in the way of home projects from the initial purchase flurry of projects; there’s a little trim left to be done but that will all probably wait for winter. Everything else that we’d like to do is just that, something we’d like to do but not necessarily something we need to do.

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Road Trip Reason/More than you ever wanted to know about woodstoves

Although just taking a trip is totally worth it, we actually had a reason for taking this one.

A 1970’s (I think F said it was a ’79 Forrest has informed me it’s a ’78.) Fisher Baby Bear woodstove.

Our stove, waiting to be rescued from a garage in Klamath Falls

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Final (House) Window

We set the final window in the house today! When we installed windows in the house last winter we were unable to put in the kitchen window because of the enormous pile of wood on our front porch (it was the only dry place to put wood in December).

Out with the old...

After dinner we pulled out the old window, enlarged the opening for a 2’x3′ window instead of a 2’x2′, and set our nice efficient window. F is a bit upset about the high vinyl to window ratio and is trying to convince me to price check a fixed (picture) 2’x3′ but I’m not totally sold. We have a lot of windows in our house but almost all of them in the front of the house are fixed so I would like that little bit of cross breeze in the kitchen. with the new.

Siding is going on the house this weekend. I’m pretty sure it’s going to make our little house look quite polished!